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Mission Statement

The mission of the Procurement Division is to provide our customers with quality products and services in a timely manner, while maximizing the value received by the Laboratory and complying with prime contract requirements, including applicable laws and regulations, and University and Laboratory policies.


Doing Business with PPPL

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) purchases a wide variety of goods and services. Our needs range from raw materials to janitorial supplies to complex fabrications using exotic materials to scientific consulting services. Call us to find out if we have a need for the products your firm supplies.



 Our Objectives

*       To make all purchases in the best interest of Princeton University and the United States Government;

*       To ensure that courteous and ethical treatment is accorded to all suppliers and potential suppliers;

*       To accept no gratuity or thing of value from Laboratory suppliers or potential suppliers; To obtain the quality product needed for delivery at the time and place required;

*       To obtain maximum value for all expenditures by all ethical means, including effective use of competition;

*       To buy from responsible sources of supply;

*       To organize the Procurement Division to serve the needs of PPPL, to staff it with qualified personnel, and to ensure that it is properly supervised;

*       To foster opportunities for small businesses to become Laboratory suppliers, consistent with the annual PPPL small business sub­contracting plan.



Business Opportunities

*      At PPPL, all procurement personnel report to the Director of Procurement.

*      Call before your visit. Appointments allow us to give you proper attention, please make sure your visits as brief as you can, consistent with efficient conduct of your business.

*      In order to maximize small business opportunities, we invite you to complete and submit the Supplier Information Form so we can add your company in our database.

*      To all interested vendors, please be advised that when PPPL has a need for your goods and services, you will be contacted to provide additional information for our supplier management system set up.

*      Purchase of low dollar value, off the shelf items is usually done by credit card, PPPL uses the J.P.Morgan Chase GSA SmartPay2 Visa© card.

*      Please visit our site regarding Procurement Opportunities for information.




PPPL is operated by Princeton University for the  U.S. Department of Energy


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